Removing one-click installs


I installed a one-click install for a CMS which, as it turned out, sucked. I want to replace it with Wordpress, which I use for the other sites I manage.

I’ve removed it from the one-click installs, but the site still shows up as the version from the sucky CMS, and won’t install Wordpress.

Any tips?



If the site is fully hosted, FTP to that domain and wipe out all the files. WARNING That’s if you want a fresh start, as you’ll lose everything aside from the database, which can be deleted separately through the DreamHost panel.

Thanks - I do want to delete everything, but I don’t want to lost the connection to google apps, as that’s where the email is posted.

How do I ‘FTP to that domain’? Sorry, bit of a newbie.


I now nothing about Joombla, but is your website 100% new and is you email address also 100% new?
You can just uninstall Jombla and install WordPress (PLEASE choose custom install)
It will not touch any settings you made in the panel for your email accounts.

The way you post here it is very clear you are a newbie, as a newbie give us as much info as possible, so we can check or have an idea of what you are doing wrong.

Just NEVER post usernames and passwords on the/any forum.


It wasn’t Joomla - it was a CMS called ComicsCMS. I have deleted it, according to dreamhost, but it hasn’t actually been deleted, and when I try and install Wordpress, it tells me there was an error because there are already files there.

However, I realised that I could still log in with the tiny ‘admin’ button on the site and delete it there as well. Except it’s not deleted - I’ve cleared the cached and it still keeps coming back!

Dreamhost is not showing it in the list of one-click installs. It is still showing it in my list of domains (as it should), and in the SQL database.

Site is:[hr]
Oh and in response to your other question - I;ve had the domain name for a while, but set up Google Apps on it about four months ago. I did just have a site address forwardgin to somewhere, but wanted to build a proper site. I have a number of sites hosted using Wordpress which work fine, but I thought I’d check out this alternative CMS. I installed it, realised it was in no way user-friendly, and so decided to uninstall it. I did so, from the one-click install part of Dreamhost, and it said it had successfully installed. But it’s still there.

You need to use a FTP program like FileZilla (free) and log in to your server/domain and delete all that is in the domain.
You can also do it with the DreamHost Panel (Users>Manage Users>WebFTP Login) you should have the login in an email you got 10-15 minutes after you signed up for dreamHost.

If the domain is not empty (except the standard DreamHost 3 files >>> Just delete everything) WordPress will not install.

Thank you so much, that worked perfectly!