Removing old logs?


Looking at the logs folder for my sites, I see there are backups in my home space from 2013, and links to copies of those or other backups, with dates going back to 2011. These are owned by root/root, so I can’t modify them. I’m not finicky about saving disk or keeping things tidy, but as long as I’m in there I’d kinda like to clean things up.

Why are really old logs and their backups there?

How can we delete them?



I too have various old backup directories in my logs folder, typically of the form http.123456.bak and with timestamps around 2011. Maybe they are leftover from a past server OS upgrade, or site/server moves?

Most of my backup directories contain Analog log analysis output that DH generated for the site. I suspect this is the reason the directories haven’t been automatically deleted – they contain summary data I might want to keep.

When I’ve wanted to deal with root-owned files, I’ve successfully asked support to delete, move or chmod the files.


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