Removing my WordPress site from my domain

OK… so in my eagerness to get started after purchasing my domain I used DreamHost’s one click install to grab WordPress and start building my website. After using it for a bit and playing around with their templates I’ve decided that I don’t want to use WordPress and want to manually create my own site using HTML5. I’ve got myself an FTP program and I figured that logging on to my domain would show me a series of folders and files that WordPress had installed, which I could then delete… not so. Which makes me wonder where WordPress has created the site and how I get rid of it. There is a “remove” option for the domain, but I figure that if I use this to remove it and then add it again the old WordPress site will come back with it.

If anyone can help me with this I’d be very grateful, thank you in advance.



If your not finding the wordpress files the one click installer installed for you, then it’s an error on your part. The one click installer does install the wordpress files to your account.

Start at the “manage domains” page of the dreamhost panel. Find the entry for the domain or subdomain in question and look at the web hosting column". It will say “fully hosted” and have a user name. This is the user name you MUST use when logging into FTP.

Once you have logged into that user, there will be a directory that was created with the same name as the domain/sub-domain name, switch into it. Now did you install WP at the root of your domain/sub-domain or put it in a folder such as /wp /wordpress /blog etc? if you did switch into that directory. You are now at the top level of your wordpress install, mostly you will only see other directories at this level, but those directories contain everything.

Also, if you delete your wordpress installation via this method, be sure to return to the one click installer page and remove the entry. The one click installer, by default, may be set for automatic updates.

A word about FTP: FTP is a very old (30 years, October 1985, RFC 959), very unsecure protocol. When using it your password is sent over the internet in simple plain text and is very interceptable. Switch to using SFTP. Also, in the dreamhost panel go to the “Manage Users” page and edit each your users and check the “disallow FTP” box. AFAIK, this does prohibit you from using dreamhost’s webFTP (pydio), however it’s far more efficient not to use that anyway since it has several critical limitations. See also and

Hey LakeRat, thanks. My knowledge of the server side stuff is fairly limited (to practically nothing :stuck_out_tongue: ) so it’s going to take me a while to sift through those links.

It looks like the WordPress problem has… sorted itself. I used DreamHosts’s “park it” option to temporarily disable the site and when I unparked it later… all I have is the derfault DreamHost welcome screen. So it would appear that the WordPress site was parked straight into the trash. So hopefully, fingers crossed, I can now upload my own HTML5 site instead. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the prompt reply. Much appreciated.