Removing Apostrophe in Site Title via phpmyadmin

I have an apostrophe in my site name and it irks me to see the code (&#039) in the from line whenever I reply to reader comments. I found directions in a WordPress thread that suggests this:

Go to phpmyadmin—>go to WordPress Database—>click on the browse of option table and check the 2nd option of blog name. You will see your blogname written as YourName’s blog instead of yourname’s blog. Change that to YourName’s blog and click go on the right bottom. You are done with the all outgoing and incoming mails.

I have zero experience with phpmyadmin and I do not have secure hosting. Is it still possible for me to make the suggested changes so my readers will only see Carrie’s Heart as the from address?

I currently use the WP Plug-in Comment Reply Notification.

Thank you!

It should be. You have PHPMyAdmin, so you can go in and edit your database that way