Removing and Re-adding Domain removes Wordpress


Hi there,

I previously installed wordpress with a one-click install.

As I was adding content via ssh onto my website, I couldn’t get it to display on the actual web browser online, so I removed and readded the domain. (It’s now fully-hosted, which may have been the error earlier where I couldn’t get web pages to display.)

Now, when I visit the web URL where wordpress was previous locate at, I get a 404. According to my admin panel, the mysql database is still there with all my content, but the wordpress blog doesn’t display.

Should I wait a few hours for the changes made (domain re-added and set to fully hosted) to take place, or re-add wordpress with another One-click install and just point it to the existing database?



You need to reinstall WordPress. Along with a random database. Then repoint WordPress to your existing database.