Removing a redirect

How do I remove a redirect? It won’t accept a blank field. When I tried that, the system inserted the default url of But now it seems to be redirected to that.

When I tried to redirect the domain to itself, it says it can’t be done. (Although the default Mirror option is self-mirror.)

That section of the domain edit page says it is Currently redirected to But the other options indicate they can still be Set to ‘Mirroring’ and ‘Parked’.

So it appears to be redirected somewhere. I would like it to be not redirected at all, and to see some unambiguous confirmation of that.

Thank you.

Got a very quick and clear reply to this from support. (Very impressed.)

The answer was right in front of me, in the top section of the edit domain page.

I was looking for the “remove redirect” control in the same section as the “set to redirect” control.