Removing a directory


I messed up an installation of moodle, deleted it, and installed again. The result was that I now have two moodle.millermc.net_moddledata folders. I’m looking at my directories/files using the FTP program Filezilla. I have it set to show hidden files. I’ve deleted all the files in the older directory (including .htacess), but when I use ftp to try and delete the directory, it returns the response “directory not empty”. I’m wondering if it might be linked somehow to the more recent install. The moodle.millermc.net_moddledata folder for the new install is populated with all the [appropriate I think] directories and files.

How can I remove this older directory?




How the heck do you have two identically named folders in the same place? Or are they in different locations?

With FTP, you can start by going inside that directory, then deleting folders one by one and see if it’s one of them that has the stubborn file or folder. Then crawl down the stubborn folder deleting subfolders until you track down exactly where the file/folder(s) are that are giving you trouble.

It may just be a permissions issue with something that’s Read Only for you, or even owned by another user or DreamHost robot.

If you can log in via shell, you can carefully type in:
/bin/rm -rf moodle.millermc.net_moddledata

But make sure you spell it moodledata, if that’s what it’s really called, and make sure it’s really the folder you intend to delete.