Remove read messages when inbox reaches

Hello, when I create a new e-mail account and select “Remove read messages when inbox reaches”, what does this exactly do? Does it remove read messages forever, or does it moves them to the trash can?

If I want to keep all messages forever, should I just put a very high value in this field?

Does this mean read messages put into a custom folder will also be deleted?

It will “remove” them from the “inbox”. Continue to read the whole page…you will see that below the place where you set the number of messages and number of day for the mail box “limits”, there are three check boxes, and a text field, that determine what happens to “removed” messages, and whether you want to be emailed when messages are “removed” (handled in the way indicated by the check boxes.) “Deleted” means “gone forever”; selecting a folder to put the “removed” messages in gives you a way to set-up a “trashcan” type mechanism if you want (though it doesn’t have to be named that).

NO Exactly how you do that depends on how you are managing your mail. Many use POP3 to bring all the messages down onto their computer (using an email client), and deleting them from the server. Others use IMAP and move messages around using folder on the server, other use webmail and leave everything they haven’t deleted on the server (in folder other than the inbox). Any of these work, how you decide to do it is up to you.

That said, what you should not do, is to set that “messages in the inbox number” exceptionally high - processing large inboxes is hard on the server, will cause delays for you every time you check your mail, and is just not a good practice. The option for you to “tweak” how many messages, and how old the messages are, allows you flexibility to handle holidays, trips, exceptionally heavy mail load on a temporary basis, etc.

The only safe way to keep “all of your messages forever” is to keep them on your own computer, not on the mail server, and there are several ways to do this - I think using a POP3 client to pull all your mail off the server and store on your computer on a regular basis is the easiest way :wink: .

No. The “remove messages” boxes only refer to inboxes - and you can further control whether they apply to only “read” messages, or “all messages” by the use of the appropriate check box that follows.


Thank you, actually I don’t want to have these mails on my computer but on the server, and forever. This way I can access them from any computer, and I have them forever :slight_smile:

So, I can move these messages to custom folders safely such as “Business”, “FreeBSD”, “Jokes”, etc… And this won’t make the server slow, even if I have one or two GB of mails with videos, as long as they’re not in the “Inbox” folder, correct?

Thanks again!

I understand. Just be sure you realize that nothing is ever guaranteed to to be available on a shared server “forever” - a bad system crash or other unforeseen catastrophe can always wipe out the data on a machine. If this data is important to you, you need to arrange to make appropriate backups yourself of all your data.

It’s also worth noting that you should never store anything of a truly confidential nature on a shared server. While Dreamhost’s security is very good, the fact that so many users share the machine means there is always the possibility of your data being compromised.

Having given all the appropriate warnings, the answer to your question is that the email system will not be impaired as long as these things do not remain in your “inbox”, but you will load the server (possibly to a significant degree) whenever you access this data in other folders. Bandwidth is bandwith and storage is storage :wink:


I just want to be sure, but does that mean that the limits
"Remove read messages when inbox reaches x messages."
"Remove read messages from inbox older than y days."
in the panel only affects the inbox and that I in theory can store an unlimited number of messages in other folders on the same email account?

Yup, its says inbox, doesn’t it? =)

Also notice that the default ‘remove’ means moving them to a folder named ‘old-messages’, and they only get deleted if you uncheck that box. (And also possibly if you remove the folder name, so that it doesn’t know where to move the mails; but hard to say what happens in that case, maybe the move just fails or something.)

If you think about it, if it would remove things from all folders, it would also remove them from the ‘old-messages’ folder and put them back to ‘old-messages’ folder. This would fast turn into an infinite loop that would kill the server…

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