Remove 'non-editable' A Record

Is there a way to create a managed domain/hosting that doesn’t modify the www dns a record?

For example, I’d like: to go to a dreamhost hosted website to map via a CNAME elsewhere

However, every time I create a hosted website for “”, it creates a new A record that I can’t modify. (I’ve tried the remove “www.” option, but it still creates an A record).

So, how do I create a new hosted website that DOESNT map a “www” dns record?

That’s a rather odd setup, but DreamHost’s DNS doesn’t allow this combination. You can use for about $25/yr for fully customizable DNS.


Why is that odd? I want ot have mapped to something I can control, and mapped to a typepad weblog.

it just seems like an odd setup because it’ll be very difficult for your users to find the content that you want. I’d reccomend going with a sub-domain set up. have (and point to DH hosted site. then have point away.

As a side note, you know it’s very easy to install your own copy of MT here at dreamhost and not have to pay for typepad.

–Matttail - personal website

I definately plan on installing MT here, but I already have a blog hosted at Typepad, and wanted to get the MT install setup and working before I moved typepad over.

So, you’re saying have: and pointing to DH, then create and point to typepad.

Is there a way then, to have (temp) point to so that the current readers of the site don’t see any downtime while I’m setting up MT?

You can set up a domain to be a redirect, then set it to Fully Hosted when it’s ready. Fully Hosted Domains are actually directories in your user’s home directory. It’s a bit of a juggling act, but some help is here: