Remove "is almost here!" page?

Is there a way to remove the “ is almost here!” default landing page, and just have it display the files/folders?

Cheers :slight_smile:

• Remove (delete) the default index.html page (if any) in your account root directory.

• Create a text file containg this: Options +Indexes

• Rename that text file to: .htaccess
(note the preceding dot)

• Upload to that root directory with SFTP.

Then you will see a list of your files and directories when you access your domain with a browser. This can be done at any directory level.


Thanks keyplyr. No joy though… Screenshot attached of FTP, and the .htaccess contains:

Options +Indexes


If you’re still seeing DH’s default page, that means their server config is creating it dynamically.

To overcome this, create an html file and name it: index.html (nothing needs to be in it) and upload it to your account. This should prevent DH from creating one. The .htaccess code should then work as intended.