Remove gmail MX records questions

Hello all,

First post, new to Dreamhost.

I have just taken over managing a web presence hosted by Dreamhost. The person that was managing it before me set up the mail for to be sent to gmail via Google apps. The owner doesn’t want to use gmail anymore so now he wants the mail to come to Dreamhost’s servers so that when his employees go to they will be directed to the webmail feature from Dreamhost, and won’t be directed to gmail anymore.

After searching the forums I think I understand what to do but need to double check as I don’t wan’t to take everybody’s mail down.

First question is if I remove the Custom MX record for gmail from our panel, all future mail will be able to be accessed from Dreamhost’s web mail, or is there another step I need to do to be able to access webmail at Dreamhost?

Second question, once I remove the Custom MX record will the MX records automatically be changed to the following with no further interaction needed from me;

Third, from what I can tell the company email addresses were created at gmail, so I will need to create those same email addresses in the Dreamhost panel, right?

Fourth, will there be a propagation delay when changing records, I’ll do it over the weekend if so.

Lastly exactly what is the url for webmail, if I understand it right they can use and Squirrel Mail, but will or work, and will it take them to a different interface than Squirrel Mail.


  1. Don’t mess with DNS. Gmail was set up under Manage Domains. If you Edit your “Fully Hosted” domain, you should see that the bottom of the Fully Hosted box has the Gmail option checked. You’ll need to uncheck it and click the Update Settings box.

  2. As soon as you do this, head over to Manage Email and start setting up those email addresses.

  3. The changeover will take a little while: anywhere from an hour to a day or so. For instant access, try where username is
    Later on, you can use for the SquirrelMail interface.

Thanks for the reply.

I wasn’t going to do anything with the DNS though, it was the MX records I mentioned. The site is hosted on Dreamhost’s servers, the mail isn’t though.

If I uncheck the gmail option in Manage Domains like you mentioned, will it change the settings in the Custom MX panel? Right now there is one Custom MX record,, and the box for I will still check my email at DreamHost is not checked, although I assume the box won’t need to be checked if the Custom MX record isn’t there since mail will then be going to the Dreamhost servers.

Or will the mail just be going to both places, Dreamhost and gmail, if I do what you mentioned, and if the Custom MX record is left in place?

Mail can’t go to both places (unless one of the places forwards it to the other). MX records are part of DNS.

Which section on that screen has the Active green arrow? I’ve not used that page to change Gmail settings. I believe the section I described in #1 does pretty much the same thing as you’d like. My domains on the MX page have the Regular DreamHost Email section flagged as Active.

Okay, I see now. On that page it has;

[i]Please choose the kind of email service you would like for

Regular DreamHost Email

Use DreamHost’s mail features with no funny business![/i]

Under that is a button that says “Make me regular now.” (There’s a few jokes that come to mind with the button’s wording but this isn’t the place.)

Yes, according to Live Chat helper they said all I have to do is click the button, the rest will take care of itself, CNAME records will be gone, MX will change.

Also I was concerned about taking their Google docs, calendars and scheduling etc off line, it seems both are separate.

Just wanted to post the full resolution for future reference to anyone searching. Thanks again for your free time and leading me in the right direction.


i have the same problem. A client want to leave Google Apps.
And i have a question, what happens with the e-mails in google? Dreamhost move to the nne server?.. or he lost all the old emails?

If you want to get your saved mail off Google Apps, you’ll have to do it yourself. We know nothing about what accounts and addresses you may have set up with them (it’s all on Google’s servers, not ours), so we don’t have any way to move your messages back.

There are some tools out there that claim to be able to back up GMail accounts, and I suspect they might work on Google Apps accounts as well. I’ve never tried any of them, though, so I wouldn’t know myself.

ok, thanks!