Remove dreamhosters from domain name


I’m kinda lost on this. I own but the hosting is on Problem is, everytime I upload a picture, banner, anything via FTP, the file is
That as you can see is very annoying. How do I go about fixing this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


If it’s static content, then you need to create a Fully Hosted Domain called Then you’ll have a folder in your home directory.

After that, then you can rename the folder as texasdragracing.old (or just delete it since it’s empty), and rename the dreamhosters one to



blah! I am totally lost Scott. This is what happened, I took over the domain from a friend. He had it registered elsewhere. However, he had no hosting space at all.

So I bought hosting on Dreamhosters. I got my FTP and I started loading filed like pictures and video’s. My web directory is . I didn’t want it that way, but that’s what I got.

Fast forward, I went ahead and moved from my friends place over here, to Dreamhosters. So now I have the site and the hosting, both on Dreamhosters.

But they are not together. At the moment, I have the domain, redirected to …sorry, I am totally lost and new to this. I just want to be able to load to, without “dreamhosters” showing up in the file name.



Delete that forwarder of and wait for it to clear the system.

Then Add A New Domain that’s Fully Hosted. Call it

It’ll create a folder in your home directory. The same place as the folder. This new folder will be empty.

Then rename the new folder as (or something else) just to get it out of the way. Rename that folder as so it’ll now be the real site with real content.

Once your real site is up and running as, you can delete that Fully Hosted dreamhosters domain. To catch the people still using the dreamhosters domain, create a Forwarding/Redirect dreamhosters domain that sends people to your real domain.



Or you can set up one or the other of the domains (the regular domain and the dreamhosters subdomain) as a “mirror” domain of the other one, so that they both work as addresses of the site.

– Dan