Remove DNS entry

Th Dreamhosting interface for view DNS entries seesm to allow adding new settings, but has no way to delete entries. What gives? … is there a trivial way to remove an A record or CNAME that is bogus?

What do you mean by bogus? There’s no way to remove the entries we add automatically, other than contacting support (they can get rid of almost any of the “convenience records” like or

If you want to delete an entry you created, click on “edit” and then “delete”.

only a couple of records are class ‘special’ which include edit buttons. The remaining records are class ‘dh’ with no edit button. For main web site, that’s cool. But have about 40 records listed all but a few are class ‘dh’ and not editable.

Guess I’ll need to contact support for this.

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Right. The generated records aren’t removable directly from the panel.