Remove blog as homepage


I would like my page to not open with the blog that is there now. I would prefer to still have the blog, just not the homepage but if that is not possible then I can kill the blog.

There are at least a couple of ways you could do it, depending upon what you want to replace the blog with for your home page.

  1. Depending upon what software your blog is running, the easiest way is just to create an index.html file, which will take precedence over, and therefore load before index.php or index.cgi.

That way, anyone visiting your.domain.tld/ or yourdomain.tld/index.html will see that page instead of your blog, while someone visiting yourdomian.tld/index.php (or index.cgi, or whatever file is the “base” of your blog") will still see the blog.

There are some variations on that, depending upon any re-write rules or other “quirks” may be involved with your blog software, but you get the idea.

  1. You could just move your blog - which would be particularly easy to do if you wanted to host your blog from a subdomain (blog.yourdomain.tld), though you could also move it to a sub-directory.

This may be your only real option if you want to install a different application in your space where there are are likely to be filename conflicts between your blog and the other application.

Using a subdomain is also the “easiest” option to use if you want to use the DH one-click installer to install a different application in that space, as it requires an “empty” directory with which to work (so using a subdirectory wouldn’t work). There are workarounds for that, but that’s another subject. :wink:


What blog software are you using if it is wordpress there is an otion in the admin panel under options>readingto show a static page or post list.

I assume there is a similar option in other blogs

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Thank you both for answering. It’s now removed.