Remote System Admin

software development


I use a Dreamhost VPS to host a handful of websites (both personal and business). I’m looking for someone to handle the tech side of doing whatever needs doing through the Dreamhost panel (Email account setup, domain registration, fixing problems, CRON jobs, security, etc.) I might call it a remote system administrator.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find someone who can do something like this on a part-time/as-needed basis (It’s probably just a couple of hours a week, on average)?

I’m not even sure what title such a person would have, let alone where to find someone familiar with the Dreamhost panel. I’d be grateful for any suggestions (or if you know someone who could do this).




There’s probably folks here on the boards that’ll do that for you.

It’s basically a part-time Linux system admin. You might look for SLA (Service Level Agreements) for system administration in your area.