Remote port forwarding

What I’m trying to do is remote port forward
to http://localhost:3000

I can get a local tunnel from my box to the dreamhost box my site is i.e.
ssh -L 3307:localhost:3306
However, I haven’t had luck with remote port forwarding:

ssh -nNT -g -R *:8888:
Warning: remote port forwarding failed for listen port 8888

i get the same message with
ssh -nNT -g -R *:8888:
ssh -nNT -g -R *:8888:
ssh -nNT -g -R *:8888:

So I’m worried dreamhost disallows this. I’d really appreciate any suggestions as to whether this is possible and what I’m doing wrong if it is.

If your account is a shared hosting account, you won’t be able to port forward from a DreamHost server to your local machine.

What are you trying to do? Maybe we can help solve your problem another way.

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was trying to develop for facebook with a local rails app as described here

so i guess just waiting to hear whether thats gonna be a possibility with the new dreamhost PS deal and if not i’m gonna need to get a dedicate hosting setup, which i can’t completely afford right now in terms of time/money.