Remote access to Database server


We use a server inhouse for testing purposes before we upload sites live to the Dreamhost server. We’ve just basically setup a Debian box to try and replicate the server environment as best as we can. Now one thing that doesn’t work on our local testing site is database applications, as the database server on Dreamhost’s networks refuses the connection from our intranet. Is there a way to setup some sort of trusted ips or domains that the database server will allow access to so we can work with the dreamhost database locally on our network?


  • wil

On the bottom of the edit db user screen:

Edit the hosts from which user may access db :

Delete Host: [ [v]

Add Host: [ ]

(Use % as a wildcard)

Use the add host textbox to input the domain name or IP (You’ll have to do this for each user name)

Thanks! I’ve never noticed that before!

  • wil

no problem

:slight_smile: Crys