Remote access for counter

Hi. I know that my counter does not work anymore because of the whole PHP allow_url_fopen thing being disabled. Now the question is, how do I fix my counter so it works? It uses PHP includes to be displayed on the page. Is there any way for me to display the counter? It’s a counter that uses a MySQL database to store the logs and supports multiple counters.

I’d appreciate any help.

PS Is the counter still counting hits even though it’s not being displayed?

[quote]I’d appreciate any help.


What type of counter is it? Is it the counter that we provide, here?:

If so, then it should be unaffected by the PHP change, so the problem would be somewhere else. If you’re using our counter, I’d recommend contacting support to see if they can take a look.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

No. It’s a script called InstaCounter.
It can be found here.