Remixer spam

I’m curious. Why is it in 20 some odd hours since registering to your promoted Remixer service, using a little used email address, I’ve received 10 pieces of spam from different individuals and shady businesses offering me webpage and mobile app creation services? I haven’t even started to build my site, nor is my email address appearing anywhere. I’m thinking your partner is either giving away or selling off email addresses, or their systems are compromised in some way.

Hello Luc G

Thanks you for contacting us!

We do NOT sell off or give away ANY customer information. If you registered a domain with us, make sure you also set up the domain privacy we include at no extra charge. We have a guide here that will show you how to enable it:

If you need help please contact our support team here:

Matt C

The email address used to register my domains is not the same. As stated, the email address that I used to register with Remixer is seldomly used at all. All the spam, which started coming in hours after registering for Remixer, were all targeted on website and mobile creation . I’m not sure if there’s a partner behind the scenes, but it’s a very eery coincidence to say the least. I’ve been a happy Dreamhost customer for close to 10 years and have never experienced this.

Did you do any sort of google search for Remixer? If so, you may get spam from that. Happens to me on just about every google search I make. :frowning: