Remixer Main Image top of site

I am looking at a huge photo of divers with text “I wish I were a fish” on the theme I chose

I can see how to change the text, but where is the option to change the image?

I have uploaded my image to “Manage Content” how do I get it from there to somewhere else on the site?

I saw a 1 minute YOUTUBE video on Remixer but it didn’t cover anything like this

I’m pretty new to Remixer too. So far I’ve been able to change images by clicking on them–this takes me into a new view where I can select replacement images from my Content folder. You can also delete the whole photo/text blob–which Remixer seems to call a Hero–by hovering the mouse in the upper right of it until the Delete option appears; click that, then go to “new” at the top and choose a new Hero, if you want an image with text overlay, and it will give you a gray blank waiting to be filled in. (You can also choose elements other than the Hero–there’s quite an extensive menu.)