Remixer keeps telling me my "websites are ineligible" nothing I do fixes it

what needs to be fixed?
how do I fix it?

I can only guess since you have not shared what you’ve done to ‘fix’ this:

  • are your domains assigned to a DreamPress instance?
  • are your domains listed under “Manage Domains”?

Please try to describe what you’re doing with more words so we can get a better idea of what’s going on. Alternatively, you can open a chat session or a ticket with DreamHost support.

I went into my Dreamhost webhosting control panel and went to MANAGE domains. There I went to where my sites are listed and clicked on the red X by the IPv6 ip address and deleted it.

Then I went back and Remixer allowed me to work on the page and didn’t deny that it would be saved to the site.

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