Remixer Issues

Hey there,
I cannot log into my Remixer dashboard at all. I attempted to do some upkeep on my Remixer site on Monday, but when I tried to log in, all my browser did was spin…nothing else. When I contacted DreamHost support, the guy told me it works best on Chrome (I use Safari). Of course, that makes little sense, if a web company is going to push out a product, shouldn’t it work on every browser? He also told me they did some updates to Remixer and it should work. Well, here it is, Wednesday, and still nothing. I even downloaded Chrome (as he directed) and NOTHING. For the last 10 minutes, it’s just spinning, nothing more. Anyone else experiencing log in issues?

We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with Remixer. We currently did do an update to it which could be related to the issue you are having. A few customers have contacted us with a similar issue and the general fix is to clear the browser’s cache.

Here is an article that you may find helpful:

Once you have cleared the browser’s cache give it a few minutes and it should load. In the event that you continue to experience issues please let us know so that we can open a ticket for you.

Hi @AJK459, I just heard from colleagues that the cause of the slow/impossible signups has been identified. I suspect that this is related to what you’re experiencing, since I doubt you’re having issues with the cache (since you’re using a brand new browser). If you have a ticket opened, I’m quite sure it will be updated already. Otherwise, consider opening one and feel free to reference this conversation.