Remixer Issues I've Encountered

I’m really digging the ease of use with Remixer and don’t want to change to Wix or Squarespace but unfortunately there are functional issues with it.
I’ve been trying to create a couple of remixer websites but as I add content or need to make changes I keep running into the same problems and missing functionality that one would expect. I’ve tried switching form Chrome to Firefox but the issues persist. Here are the main issues/bugs I’ve run into:
-The page “Base” config & colors become un-editable once you add any content.
–To edit the “Base” the only work-around is to start a new page from scratch and delete the pre-populated template or delete the existing content and start from scratch to get the “Base” options to display again.
-Nav bar colors, fonts, etc cannot be changed due to the fact it’s only editable in the “Base”
-When changing font type, size, bullets/numbering it defaults to a random font and erases all previous formatting.
-Font size & type glitches out and goes to 12.1, 13.5, 15.75 instead of the 18, 21, 24, etc.
-When editing, I have to scroll to get the section selection to reflect properly as it glitches out and selects the wrong thing.
-Picture size & placement is very strange sometimes I have to slide a picture off the screen to get it oriented correctly.
-Once you connect to social media to display content it isn’t removable. I’m also now running into an issue that it’s account wide so if I wanted to make a page for myself, and later make a page for a family member or client all the existing social media content is already populated and I don’t see a way to add or remove the previous connection.
-Forms are very limited to the default ~4 boxes. I’d like to add other fields or atleast a checkbox or something for when yes/no/pre-definied input is expected (ie:yes/no, agree/disagree, etc)

There have been others, but these are the main issues that are preventing me from moving forward with remixer as efficiently as I would have hoped.

Thanks for being a great “host” :slight_smile:

Hi fugitivealien,

We would encourage you to submit a ticket to our Remixer team. Also, I find that using some browsers can create more problems than others, usually a quick refresh of your browser should allow you to continue making changes.

Please do not hesitate from reaching out to ur Remixer team from the panel under “Support” > “Contact support”.


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