Remixer and Media, Publishing Issues

Is anyone having trouble with Remixer publishing your website? Or issues adding media (images) to the library for use? Having problems last 24 hours. Pixelbay library images won’t load, error message. Website publish process hangs up at finishing touches.

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Yes. I have been experiencing this same problem. Cannot import images. Publishing hangs. I tried to duplicate your reference about Pixelbay images, and found this to be the same as well.

Are you still having these issues? If so, I’d suggest you to open a ticket with DreamHost support.

I thought I was the only one. Used multiple computers, ping’d the modem, contacted the cable company. Edit the same page and upload… Nothing changes on the site.

It’s not you.

New email from Dreamhost support says Remixer is down, working on it. Been down since last night at 10pm CST at least.

Indeed, a status post just went up. You can follow this incident at

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