Remix feedback

I’ve been playing with Remix today and these are my observations (in no particular order):

  1. The editor constantly resets, like it’s saving behind and loses my place. I will make a change and then a second later the change will revert (and the cursor disappears). Very annoying.

  2. I tried using one of the templates, which had “chords” called “Business Left” and “Business Right” but there appears to be no way to add a new chord like that as searching for either of those names (after pressing “New” on a chord) produces no results. There is no “duplicate this chord” or something.

  3. Re-ordering sucks. You grab the little re-order handle, but if you can’t see the top of the previous cord, you can’t scroll (while it is dragging the mouse wheel and arrows don’t allow you to scroll so that the drop location is in view). There needs to be some kind of “outline view” that shows the page with the chords (with maybe a thumbnail showing what’s on that chord) so that you can drag-n-drop easily.

  4. It won’t let you link to https resources. For some reason, it doesn’t want to let me control where my links are going.

  5. It seems like the edit assumes my whole web site will be just the one page. There is no way to link to another page (even though the editor let me add a page, I can’t tell it to exist as a sub-page on the web site so that I can link to it). I guess the only way I could do this is to create multiple sub-domains, one for each page. It’s a pretty simple web site that has only one page and nothing else.

  6. Since it assumes the whole site will be one page, I looked for a “chord” that had either multiple segments, with left and right scroll buttons, or maybe a tabbed interface, etc. into which I could put content that I might have previously put on their own child page. This would require supporting sub-chords?

  7. Apparently, the template I used (Startup) has these button-like text boxes on the page, they aren’t “links” and I see no way to change them to be. I looked at other pages that have actual link items on them and it appears to allow me to connect to any other URL. However, even those don’t allow me to link to other logical pages in my page list (that’s not one of the types). So, I still don’t understand how to do a multiple page site.

  8. I would really like to be able to save “chords” individually, so that I could put them on a page or remove them from a page (or hide them on a page, or specify the date they should appear and disappear). It would be great, then, if I could create a new chord that would be on the page multiple times (for example, a chord could be a simple, wide, image and I could then insert that chord between other sections on the page). But mainly, I might want to only have a chord on the web site for a certain period of time (say for the Christmas season) and remove it from the page the rest of the year (without having to find the right chord and make it look the same, which is the only option currently).

  9. What is the point of “options”? It brings up some HTML, but I can’t edit it. What’s the point of even showing me that HTML if I can’t modify it? That’s not options, it’s just a tease.

  10. You guys seem to be using competing terms for items on the page. I see them called “chords” in some places (most notably in the style class names shown in “options”) but when I look at “options” it calls them “Component Options” (personally, I like the term “component” better as a “chord” makes no sense to me as a web developer).

  11. When I go into Manage Content and look at Markdown, it shows me 171 items, but they are all identical (or at least they are all marked “Scott Gartner’s Resume” and appear to be identical (but maybe they are different versions of the resume markdown created as I edited it). If these are versions of markdown on that one page, then it’s absolutely impossible to tell which one is currently being used (or, really, if any are being used and by what page). I’m not sure what the point of even listing these are since there is nowhere I can find where I can select an existing “markdown” content item.

  12. I tried the “import a website” feature and it did exactly nothing except say it was successful. I tried importing my old site I tried giving it several pages (simple and complex) from my web site and it never imported anything at all.

    1. I created a sub-domain hours ago, to store my test with Remixer, then I went into Remixer and told it to publish the “site” (actually page) to the new sub-domain ( and it still has never published. It did change the sub-domain from “Fully Hosted” to Remixer. I’ve published a dozen times; no errors are reported. The “publish” button does become “view” and is pointing to my test domain name. I’ll check again tomorrow to see if it eventually publishes.

Dreamhost used to be about the only host NOT to provide a SITEBUILDER accessory, that appealed to me

I used a SiteBUILDER accessory on a previous host I had, made a whole site with it

after a few years the support for that accessory stopped. they brought in a whole new accessory that had no link at all with the old one! can you see where this is going? I bought a book on HTML5 - if you can, make your own site! :smiley:

I appreciate where you are coming from. It’s absolutely a volatile market and shit happens. However, there are times when a builder like this makes sense. For example, if a person is only wanting to make a quick “business card” web site, then this is a great way to go.

I always council, when asked about builders like this, that they never store any content only in the site builder and don’t expect to be able to “download” or move the site once built. For these people, paying someone like me to build their web site is out of the question. However, if I am going to recommend that they go with a themed page builder like this, it’s important for me to try it for myself to know if it actually works.

I’ve been totally putting off updating my personal site for years (I’m embarrassed to say how many, but it’s built around iframes, if that tells you anything). So, I figured I would try to rebuild the site using this tool just as a proof-of-concept.

So far, I think this builder is interesting but definitely a work-in-progress. It’s a checkbox on a comparison form rather than being a real solution so far, but it has potential.

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I don’t understand why we can’t have more than one page - that doesn’t seem that odd a desire to have re: a website. I currently have two pages created and ready to go, but there’s no way to publish both and link one to the other? :frowning:

I’m not sure it’s what they are expecting, but what I ended up doing was creating sub-domains for each page (for example, and and then just put links from one to the other. I’m not sure I would recommend this method to anyone, it’s pretty hard to manage if you got more than three of four pages.

It seems like they could easily attach one of these pages to a path on an existing web site. My assumption is that they want to make it very difficult to steal the web site and take it to another host. I know some of the others that I’ve played with (wix is the only one that comes to mind at the moment) try to make that difficult as well. I guess it depends on your target audience.

Replying to my own message, it turns out you can put https:// urls in the link dialog, even though it displays http:// it will remember the entire link. Not obvious but it does work.

How do you create subdomains? Do these cost extra? I’m trying to recreate a site with dozens of pages currently hosted elsewhere.

JoannaCW, If you own your own domain then creating sub-domains does not cost anything. What happens is that you get a new directory in your home. If you go into the control panel and look at “Managed Domains,” there is a button right at the top called “Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain.” So if your domain is “” then you could add “” and maybe “”

Once you’ve done that just create a new page and associate it with the proper sub-domain. Create links from one page to another using the subdomain: - Usually identical to the above

Once you’ve fully associated the sub-domain, you can delete the directories that it created in your home directory, Remix doesn’t use them. There might be a way of creating a sub-domain without creating the associated useless (for Remix) directory.

Good luck,


yea, i tried remixer today for the first time and i am a bit dissapointed by low quality and bugs and lack control of the components… also in the end website stopped working due some cloaking issues… so the remixer is not really well integrated with hosting plan…

it would be also really nice if the site was exportable in a form of static files package, so a backup is possible to plan at least… now all is tied to who-knows-what…

You may want to open a ticket with support to fix the issues.

It’s not that hard to create a full mirror of your remixer site. On Linux, for example I would use wget:

that command will create a folder called and download in there all the html, css, javascript and images/videos you have embedded in a remixer page. You can then load all of that in a static website in a bucket on DreamObjects, for example :slight_smile:

For other operating systems, there are other utilities that allow you to download (mirror) locally a website, with all its assets.

Some features remixer definitely needs, not only for DreamHost customers but to compete too:

  1. Drag and drop
  2. Image sliders
  3. Ability to embed
  4. Ability to have web buttons
  5. A bit more SEO tools (like changing the favicon)
  6. Ability to make a “blog page”

The website design service I’ve come across that Remixer should really look at some of the features is: