Remapping to TypePad

I have my domain hosted here at DH. I want it to link to my blog at Typepad. For now, I use cloaking, but I’d rather remap the domain.

TypePad says we should use a CNAME, but… a) DH won’t allow a CNAME for a full domain, only for a subdomain; b) when I create a subdomain for my domain and try to add a CNAME record to it, it says it already has one. (?)

Has anyone done this successfully? As the DH form says: “Assume I know nothing.”


I know this answering your question, as I’m not familiar enough with DNS to answer your question… But why not just install Movable Type at your hosting here with DH instead of using type pad?

–Matttail - personal website

I think you have to “remove” hosting for a subdomain in order to add a CNAME entry for it. In Domains>>Manage Domains you’ll see a list of domains and subdomains you’ve created. In the column labeled “Web Hosting” in that table, you should see a button labeled “Edit” and a button labeled “Delete” right next to each other. If you click on “Delete”, it will delete all hosting for that domain or subdomain and you should be able to add a CNAME record for that subdomain.

Wait a second! You can actually just go and delete the subdomain entirely unless you want DreamHost mail for that subdomain.

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Typepad is the first blogging tool that I’ve found that covers (almost) everything I want to do and makes it very user friendly. I suppose I should look at Moveable Type, but I suspect it won’t (can’t) be as complete and user friendly.

I have several domains which I do host entirely on DH, but so far they’ve all either been VERY simple or they’ve been coded by someone else.