Remapping sub-dirs re: wordpress


hi all. im new here.
im wondering about wordpress. i want to have it be my main index but i want to have the files stored in a folder other than my main web folder. (i’d like to have it all in a ‘blog’ folder) so how would i go about this? do i need to remap the main directory?
if so, when im referring to the location of say a photo on the server would it all then be relative to the ‘blog’ folder? how would this work?
my main goal is to use word press, have it as my main page, but not have all the files loose in my main directory.
thanks in advance



I’ve tried this and basically, if you want Wordpress as your ‘main index’ page, you have to install everything in the main directory. It does not work if you have the WP files in a folder. You blog will then be at:


on the wordpress general options page it says this:
“WordPress address (URI): [enter url here]
Blog address (URI): [enter url here]
If you want your blog homepage to be different than the directory you installed WordPress in, enter that address here.”

maybe this would work? anyone tried it?


It does not work if you have the WP files in a folder.

This is completely wrong. Wordpress works just fine installed into a subdirectory, but displayed from the site root. This is how I have it on my own site and I’ve set up a number of others this way. The WP documentation even has instructions on how to do it.

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