Remapping and FTP access

I’ve been directed to the wiki info for allowing a new user access to only specific directories ( but I’m not sure I understand it completely. I have 4 directories that I want another user to have access to, so they can upload new photos and an .xml file each day. Each directory has its own .xml file and image file. Rather than re-mapping, would it make more sense to just create a new subdirectory for each? Instead of should I use That way, the new user has access to only those subdirectories?

Remapping would mean that that user would have the four directories in their own home directory. Your website would serve its data from that user’s four directories. You can’t give away existing directories in your own home directory.

You could use subdomains instead, but subdomains tend to not we well-incorporated within the main domain. Remember that subdomains and subdirectories are very different concepts. I’d stick with the remapping if it’s really all part of the same website.


That’s great advice, I hadn’t thought of it that way. So, then, what is the order in which I set it up? Do I set up a new user and THEN the remapping? Is there anywhere I can see an actual example of how to do it, not just the brief instructions in the wiki?

  • Setup the new user.

  • Create the directories in the new user’s space.

  • Remap the domain directories to the new user’s directories.

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Thanks everyone for your input. It sounds so easy, so I’ll make a go of it. Happy Holidays!