Remapped sub directory

Okie so i remapped one of my sub directorys under my main user account and then i added DNS service to it once that was done i figgured all my files that i put in that sub directory (html files) would be view able though the net if named index.html just like it is once you put a file like that on your main URL. But everytime i type i get that damn “coming soon message” or if i try I get a 404 error why won’t it work? Do i need to make it a fully hosted domain or do i just need to point a URL somewhere else?

This is probably dumb of me but i finally got it to work after i read you could run a sub domain like a full domain so i did that and now everything works

All you gotta do is go to Domains -> manage click on add HTTP service do add DNS domain service (wait about 10 hours or less for it ot change) then click on edit and do fully hosted domain after you got a DNS for it then BAM! You can do and it works…weeeee! good huh?