Remap subdir tree?

I want to remap a subdirectory – and all the directories below it – so that an FTP user I’ve created has access to the whole subtree. For example, I’ve got:

I’ve created an FTP-only user, let’s call him joe, then used Remap Sub-Dir to remap -> /home/joe/pictures

So far so good. But now my joe cannot see those two subdirectories. He just sees an empty pictures directory.

How do I remap the entire sub-tree?

You need to put the subdirectories under /home/joe/pictures

The way it should work is that when a request comes in for the mapping will send it to /home/joe/pictures/best

At least that’s how I understand it, I’ve never tried exactly what you’re doing myself.

Hmm. OK. What I really want to do here is create an FTP shared area for me and joe. I’ve already uploaded a bunch of stuff to Is there a way to move it to /home/joe/pictures/best?

Given that both users are on the same cluster, you can just log into shell and copy the files using cp. Basically you’d long in as joe, and issue:

cp /home/me/mydomain/pictures/best/* /home/joe/pictures/bestThis will work given that joe is in same group as you and you have group read permissions etc…

Otherwise the next obvious way is to simply download everything as you and upload everything as joe. You can either use your own FTP client to do that, or has a “Copy” feature that lets you copy to a different FTP server or user.

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