Remap Sub-Dir Question


I have created a ftp user and used the ‘Remap Sub-Dir’ feature to give that user ftp access to a subdirectory of my website. Basically I created the folder
Then I created a user called ftpuser and remaped the dir so that user can see the dir. Now the user has a folder something like:

When ftpuser uploads a file into the ftpuser remapped folder, I can not see the uploaded files when I re-login as the site owner and browse to that dir. I would like to be able to grab these files when logged in as the site owner and move them around the web site.



Have you tried going to /root/ftpuser/ftpuser? If they’re a user you created, then you should have read access to that directory.



When you remap a subdirectory like that the target directory (/home/ftpuser/ftpuser) completely ‘takes over’ as far as the website goes and those files don’t exist under your user. Files only exist in one place at a time.

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