Remap sub-dir but php not allowed?

Im setting up a ftp user and I remapped the subdirectory,

Im NOT running php as cgi, when I put a simple index.php file in that folder I get “open_basedir restriction in effect.”

however, an index.html works.

I really like dreamhost, but these php security issues will be the end of me… I’ve lost a large number of apps that I have used in the past when I moved here due to “allow url fopen” probs and other things like this…

but anyway just a small rant :frowning:

if theres a way I can get this remap working with php I would greatly appreciate the advice.

I’m actually setting up a guest ftp account for the pixlepost developers so that they can get pixelpost working on dreamhost.
(one of the apps I lost when I moved to dh, I’m aware that there is a fix if you want to run php as cgi, but I dont want to do that)

Thanks :slight_smile:


The PHP restrictions are in place to protect you from malicious attackers as well as other users. They are annoying when they get in the way still, of course.

In this case you are correct that you will not be able to use php on a remapped subdirectory. We will look into the possibility of making it work, but for now you’ll have to just not use PHP.

Note that this is only a problem when using mod_php and not php-cgi.

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