Reliable backups and decent help needed

I am STRONGLY considering switching from my current host to Dream Host. Dream Host gives a bit more for what i’m already paying with my host, plus some things have been going on lately with my host that are getting on my nerves very badly and they won’t answer my support tickets.
First thing I would like to know is: HOW RELIABLE ARE THE BACKUPS? Because I was just using the control panel through my host, doing an upgrade to my coppermine gallery and live help ASSUMING the backup would work like it says it will (it HAS worked in the past, so I wasn’t worried), only to upgrade then be unable to re-write my modifed scripts because when I click the “backup” link to go grab my old css and image files, it gives me an error EVERY TIME >:(
When I first joined them, they seemed really nice. I don’t know what happened. Maybe new employees? All I know is that my past 3 support tickets either never got answered, or I was basicly replied with a “DUURRR I DUNNO?”.
Oh and how i’m unable to show up in search engines now because their server keeps mirroring two seperate domains I own and they are unable to figure out how. Isn’t that freaking lovely?
So to all you using this service here, just let me know if the people running the place aren’t complete morons like my current host and if the backups work, and i’m willing to switch A.S.A.P.
P.S. If you are brwosing this post but haven’t joined Dream Host yet, you may P.M. me to ask who my current horrible host is to help you steer clear of them. It will save you trouble, trust me.

Hmm DH backups are pretty reliable. There is a hidden .snapshot folder for use so that we can restore our files if we broke something ;). They back up your mysql database too but that backup is not accessible by you, someone in support would have to restore it (but it’s not hard to back up your own database anyway!).

It’s always wise to keep a local copy of your website. That way if you edit something and your site dies, you will be able to restore it with the last current copy. You never know what could happen.

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I agree with the above. “snapshot” backups have been helpful to me a couple of times. There’s an article in the wiki called automatic backups, that will guide you through a process of automating backups of your data (both website and mysql) including automatically downlaod the archives to your windows machine.

My expirence with support has been very good. I’ve always gotten intellignet responses that answered all of the questions I had clearly and fully. When I was searching for a host I’d contact their sales departement with a list of about 5 questions. Things that were important to me, even if some of the info was aviable on their websites. Some of the places (I’ve forgotten now) would just reply and answer the first question I had, and make no mention of the questions. They were immeadtly out of the running. Other places woudl answer my questsions, but run it all into one big confusing paragraph. Dreamhost was by far the most through and clear, formatting their replies in a numbered list just how I had asked the questions.

They’ve been very helpful, and I’ve allways gotten resposnses within 24 hours, most of the time 2 or less hours. Of course if there’s been a big number of new signup, things will be slow for a week or two, but it’s never been an issue for me.

I think you’ll like it here, but if not theres always that 87 day money back thing.


This is very important. You should always keep your own backup, regardless of what a host’s backup system is like.

If you edit everything on your computer, you have a copy there. Back that up to a CD/DVD/Zip Disk/etc… there’s two backups. Add the DH backups into the mix and there’s no reason you’d ever be in a bind over lost data.

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Do you have chubby fingers, or did they really knock 10 days off of the 97 day money back guarantee? :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: Save $96 at Dreamhost with the 96DOLLARSOFF promo code.

no, just a small laptop keyboard that I’m not used to. it’s a 97 day thingy. :slight_smile:


I usually do have backups, so I went to grab my disc with all my stuff on it and had backed everything up but the photo gallery :confused:
I have a big Ryo-ohki tattoo on my back though. Sailor Moon as well. HA. no lie! :wink: