Reliability, bad reviews, and stuff (2)

Those titles are only an indication of posting activity on these forums - and neither of those titles indicate a DreamHost employee - we are customers here just like you. :slight_smile:

How would you suggest we “try to make it work” any more than you could?

I spend much more time trying to help other customers here than I waste with sock puppets, trolls, and spammers combined (though it is “my time”, and I reserve the right to spend it any way I want :wink: ).

That said, it is generally good to ignore such nonsense, but we are all human and can get our strings yanked at times.

I intend to continue to help others here as much as I can, in spite of unsavory elements that lurk about! :wink:


Sorry, I take that back

We’re all in a bad mood

At this point I think that Dreamhost should set up a monthly contest whereby the person who guesses the closest to the the correct date and time that the next system failure occurs gets free service for a year. I mean they would only need to give away 12 free subscriptions per year and it would keep everyone actively involved, even rooting for, the next downtime…which llke death and taxes is one of life’s only true certainties.

Ha ha! Thanks for that! I think Josh might even go for something like that!

That’s a very perceptive statement - and you’ve absolutely nailed the “true certainty” nature of those parts of life. Nice post! :slight_smile:


I love that idea. And very perceptive too - death, taxes, and server downtime.

Now we just need Josh to drop out of the sky and come and read this! summon Josh

–Matttail - personal website

Take note, this is not a mean spirited bash:

I tried Dreamhost last year, closed my acct, and re-opened it a few days ago thinkin they might have gotten things together. I got everything set up and really fell in love with the Dreamhost panel (again) and started transferring all of my domain registrations over, getting ready to settle in for good… then all of this happens.

I keep seeing people harp on “getting what you pay for” and “shared hosting being what it is” and whatnot, and see many references to “all hosts have this kind of thing but you dont see em blogging about it” or whatever, but I’ve been with 1and1 for the last year and have had NO downtime of ANY significance… everything has “just worked” without any issue at all. The only thing I’ve been not digging about them is 150kbps downloads of my files, (and their lack of soul) whereas Dreamhost is consistently giving me 350 or thereabouts (aside from these issues, which has taken it down to 30, less, and even nothing).

It looks to me like there is a way to run a data center without much downtime AT ALL, and all I’m wondering is why does Dreamhost seem to have such trouble finding out how to do that?

I would think that after last year’s issues they would be looking at perfecting their network from the ground up, going over it with a magnifying glass, making sure everything is hooked up the best possible way for things to be hooked up. As a matter of fact, if Dreamhost announced that they had found the perfect setup but would need to take the network down for a coupla days to set it up RIGHT, I would be cool with that… “we’ve got the formula now and we will set it up and you should never have to deal with regularly occurring problems again”.

And there is obviously a flaw in the MySQL implementation… it’s probably the biggest common gripe I see, other than pure downtime. I wonder why they aren’t doing something about that… in these days of EVERYTHING just about being hooked into MySQL, it looks like they’d want that to be a bragging point rather than a significantly weak link.

Anyway, my basic point is, I sure would like to know what they’re doing to figure out a way to make their network stable for the long haul… it’s not like it’s NOT doable… it IS, and it doesn’t require paying any more than $10 a month… as a matter of fact it CAN be done for cheaper (my 1and1 account is 6 bucks a month).

I’m sticking with Dreamhost because I LOVE so many things about them, I really really do, and I’ve got 12 domain regs being transfered into my acct so I am planning on getting pretty comfortable. But in exchange for that love, I sure do wish they would talk around and do some studying on getting their network right… please, please, please.

BTW, hey yall… again! It’s been a little while, and despite the present issues it’s really nice to be back.

[quote]my 1and1 account is 6 bucks a month


Any chance you have a promo code to get that down to 97 cents a month for a year or two?

$1 for me << [color=#00CC00]SE7ENOF9[/color] | [color=#CC0000]SE7ENOF97[/color] >> All for you

Alright!!! According to Dreamhoststatus I may just get my wish… they are taking the network down tonight for what will hopefully be a 20 minute downtime to upgrade a core router to “hopefully quench the problems we have been experiencing once and for all”.

I thought about these things today, and I know they want to stay in business so I know they are putting forth every effort to make their network work right, unless Zenu’s thetans have taken them over and are making their actions defy all logic!

Anyway, I love em for at least doing their best to be a much needed different kind of company than most, and it’s an honor of sorts to help good folks like them out by sticking with em during hard times… I’m sure they’re running around with terrible sinking feelings in their guts right now as they scurry to make things do as they should.

I would imagine that there are few readily witnessable instances such as this that could truly live up to the adage “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”… each time they have one of these issues they are forced to look deeper and deeper into preventive measures, so a few more big ones and they may become the ultimate invincible host!

Highly suggest you change hosting to they give you 200gb of storage for the same charge (7.95) as this hosting and are never down like this. at least they do not screw up every bodies website. Also have a much better CP (vdeck) that you can actually understand and navigate.

The cp of this hosting looks like a 5 year old built it. Very unorganized and not user friendly. also the vdeck at Ipower will let you edit your files on line. no ftp if you don’t wish.

Been watching hosting sites since 2001 and this hosting company has grown and become one of the most economic and user friendly hosting on the web.

No I am not staff or connected with this company… Just a consumer that researches thoroughly before buying.

Lay odds that the jerks that run the company will delete this post.

Go away, deluded person.

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I love to say this…dreamhost’s control panel is much easier to use. and, the ability to share various parts of your panel to other webids is ingenious.

the only thing I can think to change right now is the ability to see support messages for the other webid’s…

well if that is the feature you like then iPower can do the same thing and with out all the hoopla dreamhost puts your through. just a simple ID and password and section for allowance. none of the round about way dreamhost does it.

you can assign users (their own ID and passwords) to the sql and the ftp. much easier than giving out your id and password for FPT the way dream hosting has you do.

Ya all are really idiots and deserve to be on this supstandard preschool hosting

Who is the idiot?

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…says the guy wasting his time here trolling for iPower.

A Happy DreamHost “Code Monster”

Hmm, is namecalling the sign of genius and the culmination of years of education nowadays?

There’s a crosspost of the comment of in this thread as well to really botch up any reasonable discussion.

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