Release of domain name, contact, ANY KIND OF RESPONSE from Dreamhost?

My domain name expired 7/18/2014, and was shuttered within an hour of the expiration. I bought rights to the name from Dreamhost several years (and two moves) ago, and now absolutely none of the contact information they have for me is accurate (new address, phone number, e-mail). That part is entirely my fault and I own it.


I have had zero luck in even getting a response from the Dreamhost team as to what I can do. Other domain registrars all respond with “you need to talk to Dreamhost, we can’t do anything”, all while my primary e-mail address sits useless. I can’t even begin to imagine how many messages I have missed so far because I can’t access my e-mail or domain. Three attempts to contact via their e-mail forms over 3 days now sit unanswered, and my business is hurting because of it.

Is there any number I can call, or process to force them to give up my domain name registration to another registrar? My hosting (through another company of course) is up and running, but useless so long as Dreamhost holds my domain name hostage and doesn’t respond.

What’s the domain in question? I checked the account tied to your forum profile and it looks like you recently renewed one of your domains.

If this is still unresolved, feel free to PM me the email address you used when writing in from the contact form; I can locate your messages and our support team can give you a courtesy callback to help sort this out. Thanks!