Relay Access Denied

Today, I started getting Relay Access Denied error messages in my email client (Entourage on Mac OS X). I’ve never seen these before.

Anyone else seeing this?

It happens when I try to send an email.

I have no experience with Mac or that client, but you could always try port 587, in case your ISP is blocking the usual one.

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I started seeing this yesterday when trying to send to one of my discussion lists. I’m getting a 554 “relay access denied” error, from a Dreamhost listserver, when trying to send to the listserver through a Dreamhost SMTP server.

I sent a message to support some 9 hours ago, with all of the relevant headers from the bounced message. The problem is ongoing. No reply yet.

What email server are you on? I started having the same problem as well on It is completely unrelated to my mail client, I am sending to the discussion list from an external account. I sent a support message about 15 hours ago and have had no response.

The bounce messages are coming from postfix at This is definitely a Dreamhost problem, and not an email client problem.

Still no response from support.

Following up on my post, support responded some 12 hours after the initial trouble report:

Very sorry about that. We introduced a new mailman service version
recently, and some bugs apparently needed to be still worked out. I got
the ‘this is for sure fixed’ from our developers, so you shouldn’t have
any more issues sending mail to the list.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.


My problem appears to be fixed.

Don’t count on it! I was suffering the same issue and now have to 450 error instead. Of course I was given a different excuse for the problems.

It seems to have stopped now. FWIW, my email server is spacey.