Relay access denied for domain that webmail NOT



My domain registra only has option for mail, not webmail and as such, does NOT work. In stead, works.
The problem now is that I can send mail to but can not RECEIVE mail even to address that is also hosted at Dreamhost. Has anyone have similar experience and have solution.



Is Webmail enabled? Check the panel under Mail->Webmail.

And is this a brand new domain? If so, then give it a few days to settle in. What happens to mail you send to your domain?



Also, what do you mean by “My domain registra only has option for mail,”? You should simply be setting your name servers to point to ns2.dre… ns3.dream… then it doesn’t matter what options your registrar has.

–Matttail - personal website


The Webmail is enabled.It is not my first account. I have transfered one address to Dreamhost but that has just .com ending and with that international ending, my registra has option for NS (meaning I can use

This time, my ending is .vn and for some reason, my registra does not have NS option for it. I have to use A option(giving IP) and also giving IP for mail address. As such, I can only access:

I use account that I have set up before to send to new address but got error: relay access denied.


under DNS link, you have IP address for many thing. What is different between selection of mail, webmail, www.webmail IP.