Relay Access Denied error


I’m having a problem with my domain’s IMAP email. I have two domains right now under dreamhost. One of them that is a .net name gets and sends email perfectly fine on Microsoft Outlook. Yet the other can receive but it can’t send. Whenever I email anywhere I always get it back with the error:

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

' 3/22/2004 7:51 AM
554 <>: Relay access denied

It doesn’t make sense, what is wrong? Also note that this domain I have ends at a .nu, I thought maybe that could be why? Can anyone help me with this problem or how I can resolve it so that I can send mail as well as receive it?

Are you using and as the SMTP servers in Outlook? Or are you using your ISP’s SMTP server?

if one’s not working (smtp server) you ight want to give the other a shot in it’s place, at least help you troubleshoot the problem anyhoo.

If you are using DH’s SMTP server you’ll need to make sure that you’re passing it your user credentials in your account settings


i haven’t changed my previously working settings in Outlook, and the last couple days i’ve had intermittend “554 Relay Access Denied” rejections. i use as my ingoing and outgoing mail servers using POP.

how do i make sure this is done?

Depends on your client, in Outlook I make sure to check “My Server Requires Authentication” (“Use the Same Settings as my incoming mailserver”)

in Thunderbird:
Outgoing Server (SMTP)
CHECK: Use name and password
Use Secure Connection (CHECK: NO)

Some similar in any client I’d imagine


thanks a lot, Jason, that did it! :slight_smile: