Relatively Simple Billing Question


Okay, so I signed up for the free trial (I actually just wanted to pay for the year’s worth of service upfront to simplify things, but I didn’t see an option to decline the free trial during signup).

The free trial is 2 weeks (~14 days).

I used one of the coupon codes that gives you $97 off. In my Billing area, it says that my 1-year hosting fee will be: $22.40.

The free trial required me to purchase my “free” domain name, for the cost of $9.95. However, it was stated that after the free trial finishes, the $9.95 will be put towards my hosting fees. So,


$12.45 remaining to be paid for my next year’s worth of hosting.

Now, my question is, will that be a lump sum ($12.45) that will be charged to my card as soon as the 14-day free trial is completed? Or will that be broken down into (12) monthly payments (of roughly $1.00 and a few pennies), and charged monthly?

It also states on my billing page:

“You are rebilled on day 15 of each month (if you owe more than $9.23).”

Being that I registered my website today (June 1st), and 14 days will put that roughly at June 15th, should I expect a charge of $12.45 on June 15th?

I just like to be aware of when I’m making payments, regardless of how large or small the amount. That way I never end up with any surprises.



you are going to be charged the 22.40 for the hosting in one shot. the domain name is ‘free’ because dh gives you a 9.95 credit to offset the actual charge for it. you will not get that 9.95 deducted from the cost of the hosting.


Thank you for the clarification Ryo. I guess the verbiage on the free trial page confused me a bit, but either way the end cost is the same.

I was actually under the impression that I had already been charged the $9.95 earlier today during signup for the domain name, but I just checked my bank account and I was wrong about that (no charge whatsoever).

I think I’ll go ahead and register one of the other domain names I wanted to grab now.


I’d like to update this thread with some new information.

Contrary to the way the above responses were trending, I checked my bank account tonight before going out (as I do every Friday night).

A charge of $9.95 appeared on my card/bank account from DreamHost (on July 2nd), which clearly means that I was correct in my initial assumption that I was getting charged $9.95 up front for the domain.

When the free trial finishes, that $9.95 should be deducted from my hosting fees.

That means that I should only owe $12.45 on/around the 15th of this month. Correct?

I would appreciate a response from any staff member that happens to see this post, in order to verify the accuracy of this.