Relationship Separation Anxiety

Okay, my heart is broken.
I have been diligent in trying to learn how to communicate between the ODBC and the SQL thingie only I get failed call notices when I go to update the ODBC data source name. It says it can’t connect me to the server I am listing. Now then I have tried to make sure I am connecting to the correct server and I have tried both using the name and password I set up for the mysql user and database and the general one I use for FTP access also…

I am frustrated in my mediocrity! Must I be running a VPN connection to use Access and SQL together? Can someone please give me some therapy before this relationship ends in divorce???

Ah ha! The light bulb has come on in the morning’s light. I have found the key to harmony. Basically, after combing over many many examples on various tutorials I finally found one that was written specifically for hosted mysql sites, and it turns I was giving bad directions to the server by naming it dreamhost! Go left, no right, no that way- no this way! Ugh.