Rehosting Domain

This may be a stupid question, but I created a website on VistaPrint. They suck, so I am trying to get my domain name back and hosted on DreamHost. How do I get my domain name back?

Thank you so much!


I clicked around over on their website a little bit and couldn’t find much.

Do you own the domain name or do they? Can you set the nameservers for the domain?

It might be helpful if you gave us the domain name…

I just bought my domain name ( from VistaPrint today. I don’t know what to do to get control over it in DreamHost. I added it as a new domain, but I can’t upload files to it!


The domain whois info does show that you own the domain. (many registrar’s have whois servers to look up information about a domain… I just happen to use Network Solutions most often.)

The first thing to do is find how to changes nameservers for the domain to

This will be done on the vistaprint side, or possibly a site since they are listed as the official registrar.

Once this change is made the next step is to wait for DNS to propagate. This may happen in 12-24 hours for US users, but may take 3 days to be seen completely worldwide.

Later you can transfer the actual domain registration to dreamhost if you desire, but the first step is just change the nameservers for the domain.