Registration Transfer

I transferred my domain name registration from to Dreamhost…it has been 4 days and I still get an error screen when I type in my domain Is there something additional I need to do at Dreamhost with the DNS? sent me info saying they were transferring the registration? Should I just be patient?
Thanks for your help.

Did you make sure that you unlocked your domain over at A registrar transfer can’t be initiated unless you have done that, so there is nothing that Dreamhost can do.

Most probably, you would have received an email from informing you of the attempt to transfer and trying to pursuade you not to change registrars if that transfer even was acknowledged.

Go to, login to your account, unlock the domain, then try transferring again.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard from Dreamhost, don’t feel bad. Since they did that panel upgrade, I haven’t had one response to my support requests. I think the system has a few glitches and bugs. :wink:

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