Registration is hosed?

hi, i’m trying to sign up for a new plan right now, at the same time registering a new domain. when i submit, it says the domain i specified is already taken. however, when i check and, they say it’s available.

what gives? i wanna lock down this domain ASAP. why is dreamhost giving me problems?

UPDATE: problem has gone away. contacted dreamhost general support and they said it was a “temporary glitch” and i should try again later. how often does dreamhost have temporary glitches?

As I said in your other thread; I have noticed that domain registrations and transfers via the panel have resulted in a similar problem over the last few days, with the “‘Unable to check domain availability at this time. Please try again later!’” error appearing often.

However, to answer your question, this is the first time I have seen such an error since being with DreamHost, so such ‘glitches’ are definitely not the norm.


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I had the same problem before. It is because somebody else registered or tried to register a plan with the same domain name. The domain name will be recorded in DH database regardless whether the plan is activated or not. What DH suggest me is to continue with your plan with a free dreamhost subdomain name for example After your plan is activated, write to DH support team and ask them to transfer the domain name to your plan. If the domain name is still free, they will transfer very fast.

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