Registration hosed?

hi, i’m trying to sign up for a new plan right now, at the same time registering a new domain. when i submit, it says the domain i specified is already taken. however, when i check and, they say it’s available.

what gives? i wanna lock down this domain ASAP. why is dreamhost giving me problems?

DH doesn’t prevent you from putting anything you want on their nameservers, regardless of whether you own the domain or not.

So if you or someone else already added this domain to their account, but didn’t register it yet, it will show up as available on all Whois pages, but DH will tell you it’s taken.

First step is to check that you didn’t already add the domain to your previous plan. Second is to ask DH support to check the domain.

Personally, I think there should be some mechanism in place to prevent this - it can be very annoying.

I am not sure if this is related to the issue you are experiencing, but I have noticed that domain registrations and transfers via the panel have been a bit ‘hit or miss’ lately.

More often than not you will see a ‘Unable to check domain availability at this time. Please try again later!’ error. It took me 3 attempts last night to initiate a domain transfer, but it eventually went through OK.

I suggest trying your domain again, if you haven’t already.


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thanks for the help, fellas. i contacted dreamhost’s general support line and they said it was a “temporary glitch.” a little scary, but hey. things look good now.

i’m officially hosting with dreamhost now. keeping my fingers crossed.

Don’t be too worried about it, such behavior is not the norm here at DreamHost. This is the first time I’ve witnessed a problem with registrations and/or transfers since being hosted here.

Excellent, welcome to DreamHost :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy your time here, I think you will. Things are done a little differently here and it can take some time to become accustomed to the DreamHost way of doing things, but once you do, you will really begin to appreciate the flexibility.

Good luck.


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