Registration delay

I registered a domain nearly 3 hours ago, and it still hasn’t gone through. Meanwhile, I’ve received a receipt for it. Has anyone else had a problem with this today? Normally registrations zip through in 5 to 10 minutes… this seems absurd, though.

I have had that happen on rare occasions. Generally, it is very quick, but I think sometimes the processing might be queued somewhere along the process.

As long as you have a receipt for it, I think you are fine. It should resolve itself soon enough, but you can always file a support request if you are worried about it. :wink:


I think you should have your domain working by now :wink:

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You’d think so… but, nope. Still not working. And no replies to my support request, either.

Oops… When I registered a domain, if my memory is not that bad, I get it working more than half day.

I first receive an email saying I got my domain name. But it is not accessable. I can see the domain in panel but cannot loggin via WebFTP. I guess we have to wait for it to propagate in the Internet.

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I am facing the same issue as well.

But the Control Panel says that it takes 1 day to get the account verified. So I will wait some more hours : )