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I did a good deed which is now being punished. A friend had problems with his domain’s registrar. He asked if I could transfer the registration only to DH. I did so, putting it under my account. When I did so we also paid for a ten year renewal. Now, he wants direct access to the registration so that he can manage DNS, whois, etc. He does not currently want to host the domain with DH.

How do I do this? Adding him as a user to my account doesn’t seem to work for this purpose. Can I add a sub-account or a new account for him and transfer the registration to that account? Can this be done without having to pay anything extra?




Domain registration is separate from domain DNS management. Does he have a hosting account somewhere where he can manage the DNS for his domain? If so, you can just point the nameservers for his domain to the nameservers for his web host.

Alternatively, you can have him set up with one of the free DNS services.

There may be a way of setting up a separate control panel user for a specific domain, but I don’t have much experience with setting up separate users with limited privileges.

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Your last point is correct. I want to set up a control panel user for a specific domain that is only registered with DH, not hosted. I think. Is this making any sense? The dude just wants some kind of access to his domain registration.



And in 60 days, you can transfer it over to him. Then you’ll be done with it.



It seems Account Privileges will solve your problem.

Same as lensman, I don’t have experience on that. But here are some tips. DH does not allow domain transfer among users. If your friend changes his mind again in future, you may have a problem of transferring the domain to your friend’s account.

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