I have already registered a number of domains with DirectNic. I was in the process of singing up with DreamHost but found I could only make this choice in the signup process:

“I already own this domain and will transfer it to DreamHost”

Well, I do not want to transfer it from my current registrar and make DreamHost the registrar, which is what seems like is happening. I would like to point it from where it is registered to my DreamHost space.

Is this something I can do or do I have to actually transfer my domains to DreamHost in order for DreamHost to host my websites?

Thank you in advance,

I use directnic also. You don’t have to transfer your domain to dreamhost. You simply have to change the name servers at directnic to point to dreamhost.

are the values to use.

I guess the “transfer” they mention in the sign-up interface means DNS modification and not registrar transfer. As a matter of fact, most users here at DreamHost probably register their domain names elsewhere :slight_smile:

so dreamhost definitely does NOT initiate a registrar transfer, even when you select “transfer my domain to dreamhost”? this is really important for me, i want to set up a new account here and have a couple weeks to migrate my site over, then flip the switch myself (i.e. change the nameservers) when everything is ready.

just looking for verification of someone who’s been through the process recently.

Yep that’s how it worked when I transfered my domains over (both times)

Do remember you’ll need to leave the old site up for at least 4 days much better a week or more, because changing nameservers isn’t instant, it needs to propigate