Registering premium domains

How does one go about registering a “premium domain”?
I want to register a specific domain name but the panel wont allow me.

Also - what classifies a domain as premium?
There doesn’t seem to be a pricing reason for this as some are expensive and others as low as 9.99.

Hi there,

If you are running into an issue registers the domain type you want, we not be able to register it for you. You can find a list of all the domains you can register through DreamHost here:

Simply scroll down to “List of Current TLDs and Pricing” and they are listed in alphabetical order.

Matt C

Hi Matt,

I may not have been adequately clear in my post -
Dreamhost appears to offer the TLD .consulting ($29.99) but when I try to register a domain with that
TLD I only get the message:

[color=#FF0000]Error: Sorry. is a premium domain and may not be registered at this time.[/color]

You guys apparently sell registrations for this domain, as it’s both on the page you linked to (under “List of Current TLDs and Pricing”) and in the domain.registration panel.

So my question again - Why am I unable to register a domain using this TLD?
The domain I would like doesn’t even show up under queries, so must be available somehow?

EDIT: I tried visiting the domain I want, which returns a not found error, and no records for this domain seem to exist anywhere.

Also - what classifies as “premium”?
I could not find a definition for this on the DH Wiki and the word premium isn’t on the page you linked to.

Afaik, a “premium” domain is one of the newer TLD’s that ICANN opened up recently (.academy, .actor, and so on):

I tried to register “” from within my panel and it worked. Maybe try logging out and logging back in again? Or try clearing your browser cache? (Lame, I know, but it sometimes works on other sites.)

I’m not sure I understand, but a Google search lead me to this page: which seems to indicate they’re holding some names as “premium” and “platinum”, so they can charge even more for them.

Disclaimer: I have no firsthand knowledge I just google “tld .consulting premium”

This error message means that the specific domain name you tried to register has been designated as a “premium” domain by the .consulting domain registry, and is not available at the normal price. DreamHost does not currently provide registrations for premium domains, so you will need to purchase this domain from another registrar (be warned: the price will be considerably higher than normal!), or choose another domain to register.

Dreamhost really needs to work on the domain suggestions engine: