Registering Dreamhost hosting with .FR TLD

Hi, I consider moving hosting from current host to Dreamhost. Would be a .fr domain (it is a french bicycle club. Is it best to (1) open an account with Dreamhost and (2) secure a .fr domain assigning to them right away the Dramhost DNS, or do the reverse ?

Any impossibility ?



You can’t register .fr here, but you can host it here. It doesn’t matter in which order, so you can do them both at the same time. When you register it, go ahead and set it for DreamHost DNS.

If you already have the .fr domain, set up your hosting here and once it’s all set up, change your DNS.


Get the account first just in case it takes longer than DNS propagation.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

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Thks, Done. Everything worked on the first try. Great service. More questions if I may, about setting up. we need to replicate current usage on

1 - Access the site via FTP (or webdav) with password (currently, this is the main site, on “”)

2 - Have a separate test site, which we use for preparation of posted material (call it “Works”, accessible through webdav with password and visible on the internet (currently, this is the “Sites” folder of an “abeille-cyclotourisme” iDisk on

3 - Have a “Public” folder, accessible through webdav, today without password but may add a password if it becomes necessary, used for putting together all our separate pics for preparation of common albums, slide shows and the like (currently, this is the “Public” folder of the abeille-cyclotourisme iDisk on

Suggestions for setting this up on Dreamhost ? TIA


Just create an STFP user and share the details with your fellow devs - simultaneous logins are okay.

You can get all the info on WebDAV for DreamHost here:

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Had (1) created an FTP user, a main domain (, a webdav subdirectory (/public) under a different account name, a subdomain (, a webdav subdirectory under a different account name
(2) accessed all of that via FTP. in view of authorizations, FTP did not permit uploads and only permitted download to a “public” directory
At that moment, FTP worked just fine (except access limitations, which were normal)
(3) accessed through webdav to the subdirectories, which worked just fine
Then, FTP access became weird and unfixable. Access through the directory was possible going away from root, but coming back towards root was impossible: the navigation tool of my FTP client (Transmit) was deactivated
(4) gradually destroyed all files (no problem, all this was experimental) and nested folders and deleted the subdomain, simply leaving the main domain naked
Still, FTP would not work properly as described above
(5) Last, deleted the main domain (
After 15 minutes, re-created it under SFTP as suggested above
Now, my FTP client works but the web-based FTP client of Dreamhost does not work

Q: Is this normal ?

I intend (1) not to create any webdav subdirectory on the main domain this time
(2) to create a subdomain named “
(3) in this subdomain, to create two webdav folders, to the main user this time, one with password access (“site”) and one without password access (“public”)

Q: Is this all right this time, so far ?

Q: Do I NEED to use SFTP instead of FTP (FTP IS much simpler, as I can see)?

Q: Can I create a “Public” folder accessible without password with add and delete permissions ?