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ok… this is the biggest noob of a question ever, but here goes!

I just signed up for the 555 deal, but wasn’t sure on a domain name right on registration, so now in my web panel… it allows me to search to see if domains are free, but it says to check if my spelling is correct as everything’s final so i’m kinda afraid to click the link lol… and in account summary it doesn’t say how many domains i have free to register… where will it tell me this? i’m not entirely sure i got the 5 domains… but i have 500 gb of storage, so i assume?

In the panel under Billing -> Manage Account and then a bit down there’s a section “Domains Registered”. There you will see how many free registrations you got. (I SWEAR! I did nominate myself!)
2 free domains: [color=#00CC00]TODOMAINS[/color]

The above info is correct. Do make sure that you spell the domain you want correctly. Once you hit submit the system will automatically process the registration for you, and there’s no way to “unregister” a domain. Once you click submit it’s yours for a year.

From personal experience it’s not allways, it’s always. :slight_smile: that was embarrassing.

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Yeah, I wonder if I should have kept

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Just keep it Lensman, in case there’s a misstyping by your visitors :slight_smile:

cut-copy-paste, before register… better see its availability using or :slight_smile:


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Ha ha! Absolutely! Why not typosquat yourself? :slight_smile:


Just thought I’d better clarify this part since the others haven’t answered 100% correctly.

When you enter a link, and click on Check Availability, it pops up the notification asking you if spelling is correct, you can click OK here, if the domain is available to register it will take you to the page where you can setup the whois information, it is at this point you have to commit to buying the domain, so don’t click “Continue” at the bottom of this page unless you are certain everything is in order. If you are not happy with the domain spelling, just click “Back” in your browser and you can put in the correct name and try again.

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